Identify Carrier-Under-Carrier Interference… Protect Your Mission-Critical Bandwidth


Unbounded monitoring capability for operators, regulators and the military! Monitor the health of uplink and downlink carrier performance and detect and characterize any interfering signals with Monics, a family of automatic Satellite Carrier Monitoring System products (SCMS).

Satellite users and operators rely on Monics Carrier System Monitoring (CSM) solutions more than any other CSM system. Monics products are unique in that they utilize any combination of Spectrum Analyzers and Kratos’ SAT-DSP. SAT-DSP allows the operator to make time domain measurements such as modulation analysis, TDMA spectrogram and SAT’s Carrier under Carrier recognition and analysis. The SAT-DSP instrument also allows measurements to be taken at a fraction of the time of a traditional spectrum analyzer thereby allowing monitoring plans to re-measure carriers at a much faster rate.

The Monics family includes:

  • Monics® Net – Carrier monitoring system
  • SAT-DSA – Digital Spectrum Analyzer
  • Monics® 200 – HTS/spot beam monitoring
  • Monics® Enterprise – Advanced Visualization and centralized Enterprise Management
  • GeoMon – RF monitoring for regulatory agencies
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Geolocate to within 5 km of the interfering signal



Automatically cancel an interfering signal

Kratos delivers integrated end-to-end enterprise solutions across the ground station to communication service providers. Our market-leading products help assure the availability, reliability and quality of communications.