Fully Featured, Cost Effective Sensor for Satellite Spot Beam Monitoring

With the growth of HTS satellites operators will need to supplement their carrier management systems with more streamlined and versatile devices for spot beam monitoring. To satisfy this growing need Kratos has developed Monics Series 200, a cost effective Radio Frequency (RF) satellite monitoring device suitable for applications such as multi-beam High Throughput satellite (HTS) monitoring, fly-away environments and instances where only limited monitoring is required.

Monics 200’s DSP-enabled RF measurements enable collection of RF data analytics for assessing HTS spot beam efficiency and effectiveness. In the event of a network failure, Monics 200 automatically updates the Central Data Server (CDS) with locally stored data when the network is restored. Thus operators are able to track any anomalies that may have occurred during a network outage.

  • Brings the full power of Monics to spot beam monitoring
  • Reduces operating costs significantly
  • Provides automated monitoring, alarming and trace forwarding

Monics 200 integrates with the Monics family of products, including Carrier Monitoring systems, such as Monics Net and Monics Enterprise.

Monics 200 hardware

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Geolocate to within 5 km of the interfering signal



Automatically cancel an interfering signal

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