Enhance Space Situational Awareness

Developed to provide satellite and network operators with a solution to the increasingly complex process of monitoring and detecting Radio Frequency Interference (RFI), Monics Enterprise provides advanced User Access Control (UAC) capabilities to restrict or enable application access based on Windows authentication to more than 35 monitoring application features. UAC also delivers new levels of service satisfaction by enabling satellite operators to provide their customers with visibility into the space segment resources they are using.

Additionally, Monics Enterprise’s exclusive global map-based display of satellite operations greatly reduces the time between recognition of an issue and its resolution, and optimizes workforce productivity.

  • Cost-effectively monitor entire HTS spot beam environment
  • Optimize workforce productivity by managing role based views for large diverse staff
  • Enhance customer satisfaction and minimize troubleshooting with direct access to performance metrics
Monics Enterprise Manager example

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Geolocate to within 5 km of the interfering signal



Automatically cancel an interfering signal

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