Centrally Monitor, Detect & Characterize RFI…Across The Enterprise

Monics Net introduces new features including a more intuitive and easy-to-use graphical user interface, on-the-fly instrument selection, waterfall display and improved panel workflow — all designed to significantly improve ease of use and operator efficiency. Additionally, a new site status module enhances operator visibility by consolidating alarms, improving device status views and centralizing logging for critical system functions.

Monics Net screenshot

Most advanced CMS and interference detection system

  • Automatic monitoring, both downlink and uplink
  • Advanced interference detection
  • Bandwidth protection
  • Carrier under carrier detection and recognition
  • Scalable from a single site to large multi-site systems
  • Configuration Manager enhances data management
  • Windows authentication increases control of user access
  • CID extraction in 20 seconds
  • Configurable to existing operations and analyzers
  • Consolidate all RF measurement data to a central location

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Geolocate to within 5 km of the interfering signal



Automatically cancel an interfering signal

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