Advanced Single Site Monitoring

You don’t have to sacrifice functionality when all you need is single-site monitoring. With its detection, display and alarming of interfering carriers capabilities, SAT-DSA ideal for satellite users and operators who want characterization parameters to help maintain traffic quality and to determine the identification of interfering carriers. SAT-DSA includes a powerful digital signal processor that simultaneously displays the desired carrier and the interfering carrier. In addition, it provides modulation information about both carriers. SAT-DSA is typically chosen by satellite users who can’t take a chance on being shut down by interference. Also, it is chosen by satellite operators in place of a traditional spectrum analyzer.

SAT-DSA screenshotsSAT-DSA features:

  • Manual/Automatic Monitoring
  • Abnormal Carrier Alarms
  • Automatic RFI Detection
  • Automatic Parameter Measurements
  • Carrier Under Carrier Display
  • FEC Reporting
  • 70 MHz or L-Band Input
  • Upgradable to full Monics site

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Geolocate to within 5 km of the interfering signal



Automatically cancel an interfering signal

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