Assure Interference-Free Communications With Automatic RFI Cancellation

SigX Protect diagram


Monics and satID have long been recognized as leaders in signal monitoring and geolocation solutions. Now, they are joined by SigX Protect™, a patent-pending radio frequency (RF) signal protection product that can be configured to automatically cancel interference in real time with no human intervention. SigX Protect automatically detects and characterizes interfering signals, then creates a cancelling signal to remove the interference and preserve the integrity of the protected link. SigX Protect will characterize and cancel an interfering signal with no prior knowledge of the source or location of the interference. Installed directly in the communications chain SigX Protect reduces any potential delay or latency in the communications signal.

With SigX Protect Signal Protection from Kratos you can assure:

  • Quality of Service
  • Interference-free communications
  • Time-sensitive delivery
  • Modulated and unmodulated interference protection

For service providers, satellite operators and broadcasters alike, the ability to quickly cancel interference without the cooperation of the interfering party significantly improves service quality.

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