TT&C Antennas & Modems

Kratos offers a broad range of antennas, including full motion, limited motion and turning head. Kratos’ extensive understanding of these critical earth stations, along with experience with the supply and integration of ranging baseband sub-systems and Satellite Control Centres underscores a long history of Earth Station deliveries for applications such as:

  • Broadcast and Headends
  • Satellite Telemetry, Test and Control
  • Communications Gateways
  • Carrier System Monitoring (CSM)
  • Satellite TVRO
  • VSAT Systems
  • SNG
  • Transportables
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In addition to third-party baseband sub-systems, Kratos now offers an enhanced TT&C modem. XR1 is the commercial version of the Kratos TT&C modem that has flown hundreds of satellites over the past 14 years for many U.S Government programs where security and reliability are critical. Compatible with most common satellite buses and C2 systems, XR1 is an ideal TT&C solution for new or existing satellites and ground stations, and for satellite operators looking to broaden their choice of suppliers.

Key Benefits:
Reduce costs with:

  • Consolidated footprint
  • Field reparability
  • Simultaneous support of two satellites
  • Facilitate ease of use with browser-based access
  • Enhance security with available cyber security hardening
  • Scale economically with modular SW/FW

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