Manage a Single Satellite or a Fleet From LEO to GEO

OASYS® is the high-precision Orbit Analysis System component of the EPOCH IPS™. OASYS provides full life cycle support for space vehicle orbit and spin attitude determination, orbit and spin attitude ephemeris propagation, mission maneuver planning and reconstruction, and on-orbit station-keeping. Using OASYS, space vehicles orbit analysts can manage a single space vehicle or a constellation of heterogeneous vehicles in any flight regime, from LEO (Low Earth Orbit) to GEO (Geosynchronous Orbit).

OASYS is a completely integrated, stand-alone space vehicle orbit and spin attitude analysis environment and is the operational Flight Dynamics Facility for the EPOCH IPS suite of space vehicle TT&C (tracking, telemetry, and command) products.

With OASYS operators can:

  • Reduce integration, maintenance and training costs
  • Eliminate compatibility problems with multi-vendor systems
  • Install on any UNIX or MS-WIN workstation

Now, EPOCH IPS, an all-in-one Fleet Management system, is the industry’s most widely used Command & Control solution, supporting over 300 missions with state-of-the-art installations in five continents.

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