Real-Time Command & Control For LEO, GEO and Deep Space

EPOCH IPS is an all-in-one satellite fleet management system including real-time command and control, flight dynamics and data management and analysis. In addition to these primary functions, EPOCH IPS provides tools for activity scheduling, offline telemetry analysis, procedure development, spacecraft and ground system data configuration, data archiving and system automation. With EPOCH IPS you have the ability to simultaneously control multiple satellites from different manufacturers with a single consolidated system.

It provides complete off-the-shelf satellite telemetry and command processing for operations and test environments. This includes front-end data processing, distribution, and command formatting as part of Kratos ISI’s end-to-end database driven command and control solution.

The EPOCH IPS supports LEO, GEO, and Deep Space missions, and provides out-of-the-box compatibility for most commercial satellite designs of the past two decades.

With EPOCH IPS operators can:

  • Perform any function from anywhere on the network
  • Support any satellite command and telemetry format
  • Integrate an API with 3rd party and custom applications

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“Over the past years, AsiaSat has witnessed the continuous improvement of the EPOCH IPS family products, which reinforces our confidence in Kratos’ commitment to excellence.”

Fred Ho, Director, Technical Operations of AsiaSat

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