Leading Enterprise-Grade Ground Station Solutions Provider

Kratos ground system solutions are relied upon by satellite manufacturers, satellite operators, telcos, broadcasters and other enterprise customers alike for diverse applications such as:

  • Satellite control
  • Telecommunication gateway
  • Multimedia uplink
  • VSAT network
  • Data downlink and carrier monitoring

Complementing our broad range of Satellite Fleet Management products is a full suite of Carrier Management (interference detection, geolocation and mitigation) and Network Management (device, network–satellite & terrestrial– and service) products. At Kratos we understand that logistics, project management and ancillary systems are just as important as the core satellite technology and hardware being installed. For your particular requirements, Kratos will manage as much or as little of the overall project scope as you desire, enabling you to focus on running your day to day core business without the major distraction–and risks– of multiple supplier management in large scale projects.

Kratos ISI is both quality and price competitive-the former due to a wealth of successful experience with different satellite applications, install locations, and customer cultures; the latter due to an intelligent approach to cutting costs–not corners!

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“Kratos' solution allows us to consolidate our satellite operations on a single centralized platform and optimize the efficiency of our satellite operations. These upgrades will ensure that the TELKOM MCS has a state-of-the-art satellite control system as well as the capability to localize various types of satellite interferers that may impact TELKOM’s customers’ carriers.”

Ricky Kusnandar, Satellite Ground Control System Manager for PT TELKOM

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Kratos delivers integrated end-to-end enterprise solutions across the ground station to communication service providers. Our market-leading products help assure the availability, reliability and quality of communications.