Assuring Mission Success: Before, During and After the Launch

At the start of every satellite program, the primary focus is naturally on the satellite and the launch vehicle. However, the ground segment plays a critical role in assuring the success and profitability of the mission:

  • BEFORE, through design, development and testing of state-of-the-art satellite ground systems
  • DURING, through carefully designed ground systems for safe and efficient operations
  • AFTER, to assure satellite reliability, uncompromising quality, and mission availability

With experience spanning 300 missions over 30 years, Kratos ISI offers the broadest array of satellite ground system components that can be used individually or as an integrated solution. With a worldwide customer base and operations in the US, France, and UK, Kratos ISI is the leading global provider of turnkey enterprise-grade ground segment solutions encompassing satellite C2, RF/IF equipment, satellite and terrestrial communications signal monitoring systems, equipment and network management and payload management solutions.

Why Kratos

Satellite Fleet Management

Satellite Command & Control

TT&C relied upon by more satellite operators for platform control

Payload & Signal Control

Payload & Signal Control

Signal monitoring, locating and mitigation for precision payload control

Network Monitoring & Control

Network Monitoring & Control

Integrated device, network and Services M&C for enhanced QoS

Turnkey Ground Station Solutions

Turnkey Ground Station Solutions

Integrated platform, payload and network control solutions for a complete ground system

“The Kratos team and solutions have proven to be very effective to support our business on Es’hail-1. We look forward to continuing the relationship as we prepare for the launch of Es’hail-2 and our development of Es’hail-3.”

Zoubair Kachri, Chief Technical Officer, Es'hailSat

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Kratos delivers integrated end-to-end enterprise solutions across the ground station to communication service providers. Our market-leading products help assure the availability, reliability and quality of communications.